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Kidz Garage Store

Kidz Garage Store carries a wide variety of toys from hard-to-find boutique lines to popular name-brand staples.

Our toy selection is fun to browse for adults and kids alike. We are a downtown destination for locals and conventioneers alike who are looking for that unique item or gift for a child-- or for himself.

We also carry kids clothing from iconic surfwear companies Quiksilver and Roxy, as well as souvenir infant and kid tees for our visiting travelers to take home.

Special Attractions

In addition to our giant Jelly Belly dispenser, we have a custom-designed "Candy box" room filled with hundreds of candies and retro treats....


**Hot Items**

$9.99 Kids Sunglasses, Nowstalgic Squirmels, H&H Zipper Pals, Silly Straw Glasses, Personalized Water Bottles & Bottle Buddies, Personalized CA Bike Plates $2.99 (!), Ugly Doll 4" Keychain, Hand Carverd Animal Slingshot

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